Plunder on the Sand – Adepticon 2023 Event

Plunder on the Sand – Multiplayer Amphibious Scenario

Saturday, March 25th, 9am-12pm

Summer hurricanes have destroyed the Spanish treasure fleet and scattered 7 million pieces of eight along the Florida coast. Spanish salvage crews and English privateers rush to claim an easy prize. Large, multiplayer Blood & Plunder game open to all. Amphibious scenario with Spanish & allies defending treasure on a coastline while English & allies attack from the sea in ships and boats. 6 players per table, multiple tables available. Hosted by Firelock Games,, and

We have 3 tables reserved for this event. With 18 people registered, we’re planning on 3 Army Scale games of 6 players, 3 per side. In this game, the pirates will be sailing in to land on the beach and grab salvaged treasure tokens while the Spanish will be doing their best to keep what they have rightfully stolen!

Again, we will be using modified Army Scale Rules to play this game. A full scenario description can be found here.

If you intend to play as Spanish/French Defenders, bring a ~200 point land list. If you’re intending to play as Pirates/Dutch/English, bring a ~200 point sea list, preferably with only boats. Again, we will have loaner forces available.

If you’re registered for this event, it would really help if you let us know what you’re planning to play so we know what to prepare for loaner forces etc.

Plunder on the Sand Registration