Blood in the Water – Adepticon 2023 Event

Blood In the Water – Multiplayer Sea Scenario

Thursday, March 23, 6-10pm

Pirate fleet assemble! A Spanish payroll galleon has been sighted with a weak escort! A successful attack will mean Spanish gold for all.
Firelock Games,, and are teaming up to host a large multiplayer Blood & Plunder sea battle open to all. New player friendly. Bring a 100-200 point sea force if possible. Spanish/French forces vs Pirate/English/Dutch with Natives on either side. 6-10 players. Multiple tables available.

This is the epic Sea Game of the week! The plan is to have 2-3 Spanish/French players in larger Galleons & Fluyts defend against 3-5 players using smaller Pirate, English and Dutch ships. We have 16 people registered for the event with 2 tables devoted, but it’s possible to split it out to 3 tables and 21 players if the space allows.

The Attackers will use forces around 200 points (it could be your Tournament force) as various Pirate, English, Dutch or Unaligned factions while the Defenders, representing the French/Spanish alliance during Queen Anne’s War could be anything from 150-400 points.

Ideally, we could have 4 attacking forces of 200 points, against something like a 400 point galleon, a 250 point Fluyt, and a 150 point escort ship.

This game session will utilize modified Army Scale rules for ease and speed of game play. One player will be elected Commander on each time. They alone will draw and play activation cards and each player on their team will activate one of their units with that card. (“Simultaneous Activation in Army Scale” from this post on Dead Man’s Chest).

If you’re registered for this event, or interested in joining, please fill out this form and we’ll be able to get games organized faster! If you want to play as Natives or a Unaligned Force, you can select either team.

This event will be new player friendly and we will have a number of loaner forces available. Please indicated if you’d like to borrow a force in the “Force Builder Link” field if you won’t have a force of your own for this event.

Blood in the Water Registration