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Blood & Pigment is a blog about Blood & Plunder, a 28mm pirate-themed, skirmish miniatures wargame by Firelock Games set in the Golden Age of Piracy. We are a premiere place for the latest news, ship building tutorials, army building stats, force list recommendations, pirate themed wargaming terrain, painting hobby tutorials and much more.

Our Top Blood & Plunder Content

Check out these quick links to the top Blood & Plunder articles and guides for the game.

Blood & Plunder Fleet of Ships

Ultimate Guide to Ships & Boats

Ship overviews, Stat cards, Force Building Info, Painting & rigging guides, video reviews

Nation & Faction Guides

Nation and Faction reviews, Commander Analysis, and Force Building tips

Wargaming Terrain

Reviews and suggestions for great 28mm scale pirate wargaming terrain for your game table.

Battle Reports

See the game in action with pictures and written analysis or watch some of our YouTube battle report videos.

Latest News and Articles for Blood & Plunder

Blood & Pigment releases multiple new articles, videos and content for the game nearly every week. Here are the most recent articles:

Balanced Sea Forces – Blood & Plunder Sea Tactics Pt 6

There are many ways to build a force in Blood & Plunder. In this series, we’ve identified 6 different styles of forces people build for sea games and we’re going to look at each one individually. The 6 types of sea forces this series covers include: Each of these styles has specific strengths and weaknesses…

Complete Guide to Raise the Black Characters for Blood & Punder

Characters are fun upgrades you can add to units to add layers of customization to your force in Blood & Plunder. In this article, we review how Characters work in Blood & Plunder and provide analysis on the new Characters in the new Raise the Black Expansion. This is a Part 2 to A Complete…

Sloop Wars: Volume 3 Video

Sloop Wars Volume 3 is live on YouTube. This series of full length gameplay videos is designed to help new and intermediate players of Blood & Plunder get familiar with the basic flow of the game. Not every choice and rule is explained, but by watching a game being played out by players familiar with…

Seamons’ Quality Sails Video

Mary Seamons makes fantastic cloth sails for the Blood & Plunder ships. In this video you can meet Mary the quilting legend and see some of the process for making these multilayer, fine cloth sails for Blood & Plunder ships! You can read more on Seamons’ Quality Sails, see some photos and place an order…

“Klotz’s Kitbashes” – Custom Miniatures for Blood & Plunder

Firelock Games released a wide range of 28mm scale plastic pirate miniatures kits at the start of 2023. These multi-part miniatures allow players to customize their forces to have a wide variety of unique weapons and styles. Gone are the days of cookie-cutter forces with units having the same 4 models in the same 4…

Alternate Rigs for the Piragua in Blood & Plunder

The Piragua is a great little ship in the game of Blood & Plunder. It’s fast, aggressive, and flexible and not a lot of downsides. Except the sails. I’ve never been a big fan of the plain, square sails that are the default for the Piragua. So I tried some other sail and rigging setups…

New Game ‘Blood & Crowns’ is now on Kickstarter!

The latest game in the “Blood & ___” series, Blood & Crowns is now available on Kickstarter as of August 30thm 2023! Blood & Crowns is a 28mm miniatures skirmish game that immerses you in late medieval Western Europe and the chaotic period known as the Hundred Years’ War. The game stretches from the 1314…


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