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Blood & Pigment is a blog about Blood & Plunder, a 28mm pirate-themed, skirmish miniatures wargame by Firelock Games set in the Golden Age of Piracy. We are a premiere place for the latest news, ship building tutorials, army building stats, force list recommendations, pirate themed wargaming terrain, painting hobby tutorials and much more.

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Blood & Plunder Fleet of Ships

Ultimate Guide to Ships & Boats

Ship overviews, Stat cards, Force Building Info, Painting & rigging guides, video reviews

Nation & Faction Guides

Nation and Faction reviews, Commander Analysis, and Force Building tips

Wargaming Terrain

Reviews and suggestions for great 28mm scale pirate wargaming terrain for your game table.

Battle Reports

See the game in action with pictures and written analysis or watch some of our YouTube battle report videos.

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